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1) I popped in the store to buy some snacks, but when I saw a bunch of people lining up next to a cash register, I turned back. 2) There was a famous highjacking in the 80s, in the USSR. Back then a family of musicians from Irkutsk tried to escape from the country. However, they failed and a lot of people, including more than a half of their big family died in the incident. 3) Hit me up if you're in need of money. I recently made a lot in the stock market. 4) I don't like him as a director, although I appreciate what he's done as a gifted and intellectual actor. All the same, the films he's directed have always seemed to me too cheesy. 5) Why didn't you loop me in if you knew that the seminar was canceled? (had been canceled?) 6) I like his silver-trimmed collages. I saw some he made when he was in prison, and they were made from foil caps. 7) I didn't have anyone who could have served as my role model in my childhood. Maybe because of that, I'm still trying to find a guru. 8) How can you be such a thick-skinned person? The baby is yelling, but you think soccer is more important. 9) I see some good paragraphs in your work, but it still needs to be developed and shored up.
Feb 6, 2022 9:21 PM