Adriana Espinoza
Community Tutor
FIESTA DE LA VIRGEN DE PAUCARTAMBO This is a Peruvian religious festival celebrated the second week of July in a smaal town of Cusco, full of music, dances and party. During the festival, more than 15 groups of traditional dancers put on an act for La Virgen, afterwards everybody can dance, play, drink and meet new people. There are many versions of the origin of this festival, my personal favorite is based on the ‘Qhapaq Qolla’ dance. This story says that the image was supposed to go to another town that eventually claimed La Virgen as theirs, there were many combats that eventually faded away but are represented in this dance. You can learn more about Cusco, Perú and its traditions while practicing your Spanish with me!!
Nov 4, 2021 8:40 PM