Tony Woks Emelieu
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3 ways to practice your speaking skills for free 1) VR Chat: This is a computer VR game where you can get into a VR world of your choice and speak in different languages. I have already found a VR world for Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English and German. There are definitely other VR worlds for other languages. 2) Omegle/minichat: This is video call app, where you can choose the location of the people you want to talk with. If you use a VPN, you are more likely to meet people from your target country and speak with them in your target language. 3) Meetup: This is an App where you can find language exchanges going on around you. If you are learning a popular language, chances are there are meetup groups in your area, where people meetup and practice together. You definitely should try it out.
Nov 8, 2021 9:19 AM
Tony Woks Emelieu
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