Korpai Marci
Hello, my name is Marci and I live in Hungary. I want to prove my English and the reason why I joined here is that I want to write somebody who can teach my 😁 please write me if you want to learn hungarian I can help you and also write me if you are also want to learn English or you can speak English 👋
Dec 7, 2020 6:16 PM
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Hi! I'm a native English speaker since I grew up in the US. Message me if you need any help.
January 2, 2021
Hi Marci, Although Dutch is my native tongue and not English I might can help you with English, being a language partner if you want to, in case there are no native English speakers available. I'm trying to learn Hungarian but I'm having really a hard time to master it. My Hungarian vocabulary might be not sufficient to have a little conversation. But otherwise, if you do not try to speak you will never get advanced. Regards, Ralph
December 20, 2020