Day 11 TV series #moreфон2020 I am not like to spend time for TV watching. But, in any way I have two favorite series which I can recommend to you;) 🍿 HIMYM I guess, it is the best series about important family values, friendship and relationships. The life situation, and in the each situation you can find a reflection on your or your friends life! Very funny moments, awesome phrase in your mind forever 😅 (”suit up!”, ”have you met Ted?”, ”go sleep after 2 hours”) What about your lovely moments? 👀 SHERLOCK I read the books Sherlock Holmes in Russian. I didn't watch the films about it (Russian or American) but this series is impressed me. All characters matched with my imagination! And also atmosphere of real Sherlock was saved in the modern world! I liked it. P.S. Unforgettable memories - the premier of the new season was in the Winter - session time. And of course, we watched Sherlock instead of preparing for exams 😂 #moreфон_italki #svetk0moreфон2020 🍿
Dec 11, 2020 7:51 PM
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This a good one
December 11, 2020