September 30, 2021 I work at the supermarket, and I’m in the stocking items department. My department has 15 members and one third of them are college students including me. In my department, there are many works that only students can do. For instance, we should clean Meat・Fish・Sushi-Making section. It’s a quite tough work for adult, because it’s almost labor work, so we only can do it. In addition, stocking alcohol and beverage are that we only can do it. Therefore, students are so busy and tough every time, but my boss always says to us “ I’d like you to work more hours”. That sounds strange, don’t you? I think that the role of a student is to study. Recently, senior co-worker who is a college student proposed that we should submit a petition to our manager. I agreed with him. Thus, we’re going to submit our petition next Monday. I’ll make an effort to change our work style with my co-workers.
Sep 30, 2021 12:31 PM
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Sep 30, 2021 I work in the supermarket and I'm in the warehouse department, my department has 15 members and a third of them are students, me included, in my department there are a lot of jobs that only students can do For example, we should do the section Clean meat ・ fish ・ sushi preparation. It's quite difficult for adults to work because it's almost a work job so only we can do it.In addition, only we can store alcohol and drinks. So the students are very busy and hard every time, but my boss keeps telling us, "I want you to work longer." That sounds strange, Don. I think a student's role is to learn. Recently, a senior officer who is a college student suggested that we send a request to our manager.I agreed with him, so next Monday we will table our petition, I will try to change the way we work with my colleagues.
September 30, 2021
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