Abby Richter Bamed
The tips I have to learn any language are: 1. Turn your phone language to the one you want to learn. We all use a lot our phones during the day, so this way while we are on our social media or studying apps we are going to learn some basic words. 2. Watch every movie, tv show , video... in that language, at first if you don't feel confident enough you can do that with subtitles, my recommendations is that you learn faster with the subtitles in the language you want to learn, so this way you can search for the word you didn't get. 3. Try to talk even with yourself in the language you want to learn, and try to correct yourself if you think something isn't right. My English level ain't perfect. But all I know I learn speaking to costumers, I worked at Starbuck's coffee for a while in Barcelona so all day long our costumers were tourists and english was the best language to communicate. When I went home every day for years I watched everything in english so I could learn faster and even nowadays my phone is on english language. I hope somebody can find my tips a little bit useful, I think that works for almost every language. Good luck to everyone.
Sep 30, 2021 11:37 PM