Anto Ci
There are many factors that can influence the success in terms of business. First of all, I suppose you must have an flexible personality and mindset, in such way to be approachable towards what you deal. Second not for importance, I suggest you me determined, with an assertive character, not show your weakness, but to hide them, because if you deal with someone pointing out your weak, I guess they will not make deals with you, I assume this. Then I think you must be trained on leadership and at the same time of team working, you cannot get wrong about these, there are essential to create an warm working environment. You have to pay attention to these features.
Oct 2, 2021 8:37 AM
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There are many factors that can affect business success. First of all, I think you need to have a flexible personality and mindset so that you are responsive to what you are dealing with. Second, not out of importance, I suggest that you have determination. , of assertive character, not to show your weakness but to hide it, because if you are up against someone who points out that you are weak, they are unlikely to do business with you, I suppose. So I think you have to be trained in leadership and at the same time in teamwork, you can't go wrong, they are essential to creating a warm working environment, you have to pay attention to these qualities.
October 2, 2021
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