Anto Ci
To give up is something that isn’t included in my mindset. Laughing apart. I think that everyone during is life reach that moment when you feel that you are going to fall down, to give up, I bet that everyone happened. This are the moment when you must have the attitude to show your strength, to prove your character, to show how your foundations are built. Sometimes you need to be pushed, encouraged, boosted, maybe because you have a weak character. Especially when you studying, for taking an exam, you get the best, sometimes it’s natural to have some disencourament, I think this will help to improve, to be hungrier, because you gave the best, you endaviour, work hard, and you cannot fail for this bad feeling. But I remark again you have to wait this moment, and to react. Because you are stronger than the weakness that try to make down you.
Oct 5, 2021 8:36 PM