My favorite hobby is reading. A book contains valuable experience and knowledge from authors. It is very difficult to talk to successful people or professionals in daily life. However, you can understand and learn a lot of things from them through books. Moreover, you can know about history in the past through books. I did not like reading in the past. When I worked in the society, I realized I did not have enough competitiveness. I did not know who could I ask. Therefore, I found books to help myself. At that moment, I discovered some books that changed my mind. After that, reading became my hobby. Some may argue that watching documentary and Youtube channel is a way to learn new things. It is more interesting. In my opinion, reading is totally different from watching media. Reading allows you to contemplate for a moment. Furthermore, you will be simulated by some sentences. Those sentences will touch you by heart. When your concept changed, your action will be changed, then your future will also be changed. In the world, a lot of bad news surround us everyday. Negative ideas and opinions always instill our mind. How can we get positive energy? From books. It is the direct and simple way to get positive energy. Self-development books always written to encourage to become better me and pursue higher goals in our life.
Oct 7, 2021 2:21 AM