Gianluigi Rosati
I have finished watching "Riverdale" on Netflix. In the first season, the show is entroducing the characters and their behaviour. In the second, all the things are getting more exciting because there are lots of characters, particularly the most important ones, that start to fall in love for each other. The 4 protagonists are: Veronica, Archie, Jughead and Betty. So basically Veronica and Archie fell in love and the others two do the same. In the third, the show, at least in my opinion, starts to get a little bit weird and awkward, in fact all this became less serious. There is a murderer that starts to kill every "sinner"(I can't say who it was because someone that started the series so I can't obviously spoiler anything). So the third season ends too and I feel that the show has declined because the way it started was something different. Please correct me and tell me some tips to improve vocabularies and sentences🙃
Aug 31, 2020 5:28 PM