Day 1 — December, 1st Hello, guys🖐🏼 I've been following Dima's channel since his first vid about late #shewhomustnotbenamed, but when he announced the first #moreфон 3 years ago, I found my life too boring to show it to everyone. In addition, I was still studying at uni and was always at the mercy of omnipotent hometasks and deadlines🤯 Right now my being's also full of dissatisfaction, but the dimness of this lockdown has finally made me realize I can't stand still🤜🏼 So that I'd have someone to fall flat on my face in front of in case of my surrender, I agitated two charming young ladies to take part here with me, didn't I, Anya & Lina😏? Tonight I'm gonna watch the legendary film #blowup1966 by #michelangeloantonioni, because tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. Moscow time, my colleagues and I will discuss it at another meeting of our drama workshop #fourthwall. If you like good literature, good movies and an unpopular view of them, you're welcome to join us🤗: #moreфон_italki #микеланджелоантониони #фотоувеличение1966 #четвёртаястена
Dec 1, 2020 5:28 PM