Noe Calle
Dear Kate It’s very exciting that you’ll get here soon. First of all let me say that you’ll love Lima. I strongly you to live in the north side of the city because there you could find many subway lines and a wide variety of flats with quite affordable prices and also they are very near to the university that you’ll attend to. As I said if you choose to live in the north side of the city you’ll get access to the main subway lines, actually the three main lines, which allow you to get most parts of the city in less of thirty minutes. You have to be careful with the public bus system, they aren’t very efficient and sometimes don’t meet their schedule at all so If I were you I’d prefer to avoid them. I know you’ll be looking forward to meeting friends, let me say that wouldn’t be difficult here since we have lots of activities to do on weekends after classes, for example I regularly attend a chess club and I’ve met bunch of kind and smart girls there. I’m looking forward to having you here ! Kind regards Noe
Mar 2, 2021 3:55 AM