俚語分享 : Cut the Crap 廢話少說 Get Over yourself 少自以為是吧 Get a life 做點有意義的事吧 Get yourself together 振作點 What do you want? 你想怎麼 (吵架時用) Can I help you? 有事嗎 (懷疑對方不友善時用) You went too far 你太過分了 You are better than this 對你有點失望(不是十分鼓勵性的) I can't stand you anymore 我無法忍受你了 What were you thinking? 你在想甚麼?(有人在發吊) Where is this coming from? 你怎麼會這樣想呢? you've got some nerve 你臉皮真厚 Look what you've done 看看你做了什麼好事(駡人用) You take that back 收回你的話(對方說得太過份時) You went behind my back 你背著我偷偷來(暗暗被說壞話時用) #I love English #keep practice #learn together
Feb 15, 2021 11:33 PM