This pademic showed me that to give each and every one a respect and also I am curious about my health due this pandemic I started taking care of me and my parent I also realised that how important is our parents are and they are pillar of our future because of them we are happy and have everything cause due to this vivid 19 everyone have lost there loved one Alhamdulillah allah showed me that to love your loved one which is our parents and show respect and talk to them with a smile and also I am worried about my future this covid 19 had troubled many poor people may allah ease there life covid has open up our eyes and teach us that our life is not only on mobile phone or anything it's tell us to focus on our future and take care of our parents and also our neighbor in Islam I have learn that we should take care of our neighbor whatever we are eating or having we should know about them that they having their lunch or they have anything thing to feed themselves we should take care of them may allah give me hidayat and also my parents my brothers my sisters and all ummah and also save th from shirk ya allah give me in my life aafiyah and khair
Feb 16, 2021 8:17 PM