Fanny Sue Wolke
An often discussed question in german election campaigns is wether or not there should be a speed limitation on the highways in germany. Right now there are speed restrictions on smaller streets and in towns or citys but on the highways you are allowed to drive as fast as you want. Many peopl want that there is also a restriction on the highways and the question is part of the „Landtagswahlen" 2021. Parties like the Fdp and Afd are against a speed limitation. The Fdp criticizes the restriction on the grounds that it would violate the right of liberty. They say that everyone in germany should be allowed to drive as fast as the person wants to. The Afd is against the speed limitation by virtue of which it has always been like that in Germany and they want to hold on to german tradition. It should be remarked that the opinions of the Afd have to be considered carefully since they are already watched by the law protecting court. The Afd has a tendency to be more right than it should be allowed. Supporting parties are ,, DieGrünen" and "Die Linke". These parties remark that a speed restriction is necessary. An advantage is that with decreased speed also the number of car accidents would decrease. If two cars drive on the same road, but one car can drive faster, then there is already a dangerous situation. It is logical that a accident is more likely to happen when one car drives faster then the others. A point, partially supported by "Die Grünen", is that a speed limitation would help to decrease the Co2-Emissions and fine dust production. I support the speed limitation because I often feel unsafe on german highways and would be very pleased, if there where a speed restriction. Also I do care about the environment and less CO2-Emissions and fine dust production should be a heavy valued argument in german politics. But since a lot of people share that opinion, I am looking forward to safer highways when I get my drivers licence
Feb 17, 2021 5:53 PM
Fanny Sue Wolke
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