Matteo Zoccolan
Would you correct? It is better to earn lot of money or to enjoy your job? - How much time is spent at work - The type of work which is done - My own idea I think that it is really important to enjoy while working, since if you are fed up with your job, you cannot do your best. On the other hand, having a good salary is also significant, but in general if you enjoy working you can have lot of satisfactions, also in term of money. Firstly, have an enjoyable job is more important because you have to spend a long-time everyday working. There are some people that have a part-time job, but the most common jobs are full-time. Secondly, it cannot be denied that the enjoyable and the salary of a job depends on the type of work which is done. For example, if you are your own boss, you have to work hardly but you don’t have to pay other people. In general, I think that if you make a job you really like, you can earn more because clients cannot complain about anything and so they come back to you if they need your job. To sum up, I believe that it if you are happy with your job, you can be also happy with your life and have a good salary.
Mar 2, 2021 11:25 AM