Rashmi Senarathne
Today 1st of October. In Sri Lanka we celebrate our children's day on 1st of October. Today began with my History class. It was only for hour because our teacher isn't well these days, but she wanted to the lesson as our exams are getting near. Today I'm celebrating my 15th children's days. Our groups were full of children's day wishes in the morning, and October 1st is the international day of the older persons.Today I hope to join our daily conversation at 5pm. Because today at 6pm we have to join for a program which conduct by the mindful school. In fact I think it will end around 8pm. After it I have another program to join at 8.30pm which will have ended at around 11pm. I think I won't able to get a interval as I have join it at 8.30pm.Now it's raining outside, but in the morning there was a beautiful sky same as yesterday morning. I think we can't hope a different in weather in this month. Today our country was opened and we can go out now, but we didn't go as we don't have any special things to do downtown. So we stayed at home. May be my classes are going to reopened in next week. I feel bored go out in this rainy season.Last night I wrote a review about a poem, but now I can't remember where I kept the paper.I wrote it for school. I forget to write today we finished the whole lesson in History. So tomorrow we can start a new one.
Oct 1, 2021 9:57 AM