Aneta Němcová
In the Czech Republic there are standards of beauty mostly for women. They are supposed to be slim, to have big natural breast and to be young. Blondies are thought to be more atractive, but it is not the must. Many mothers here also do not teach their sons to tidy up or du houseworks in general. Also, they usually blame other women, who are not slim, or do not look according to "standard of beauty". However, many women here discourage other women, who want to live more "untraditionally" and want their husbands for example to help with houseworks or with children or simply because they do not feel ashmed of not looking beautifully. Then the same women complain about gender unequality when it comes to salaries, sharing houseworks or bringing up children. When it comes to men, it seems me, like they are only an ATM here. Most women think of them as source of financies, not real partner. Many times I have heard, that it does not matter, that man is not handsome or he behaves badly if he is rich enough. Also, many women say: "I want him to buy me this and this" or "He does not earn enough to buy us holidays" even though they can go and simply buy the things themselves. On the other hand, Czech men usually want to have "traditional woman", who cooks for him, does all the housewokrs and has full time job in the same time and is willing to share all the payments. If she is beautifull, it is a plus, but manytimens not necessary. More important for them is if she is happy with them doing their "men's stuff". Maybe both of them forget, they are living in block of flats where is only a few of those things.
Oct 3, 2021 2:41 PM