Yes, definitely there are some real reasons worthy to note to get promotion at work or anywhere. The first 3 things that comes to my mind when I think of promotion are Communication skills, Resilience and most importantly sugar coating skills , no offense, it is really needed in this modern world😊. Let’s talk about the first reason. Communication is vital in any job we do. We need to be expressive and clear in what we are saying. It’s the key factor that helps you to blend with the team. You gain confidence only when you speak up and raise your concerns. No question is a dumb question and even if you ask a wrong question, it doesn’t matter, that’s how we learn things. Therefore we have to be good at both oral and written communication skills. Secondly Resilience which is also equally important like communication. We will not get anything over night. We have to work hard, patient and keep trying until we achieve our goal. We should not give up in any circumstances despite the challenges we face through during those times . So we never get frustrated and practice ourselves to be strong and stern in anything we do in life. That trait will help us get promoted with ease. Last but not the least. Not sure, I might contradict with you on this. Quite a while, I am seeing this skill gradually taking up its place than genuine human mind. Sugar coated pill is not going to be bitter at all:) So it started working for people who does that and quickly climb the heights within a short span of time. One who doesn’t like deceiving and not willing to run along with this superficial racers will miss the opportunities. I am not saying to change our good qualities but be a Roman when you’re in Rome. Anyways, these are my thoughts but it’s always good to have a aerial navigation like light house to direct/ guide us in the form of reasons so as to achieve anything in life but not only for promotion.
Oct 5, 2021 4:04 PM