Na Rússia eles dizem que beleza exige sacrifício.
Oct 14, 2021 4:48 PM
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Na Rússia dizem que a beleza exige sacrifício.
Como assim? 🇵🇹
October 14, 2021
Na Rússia dizemos que beleza exige sacrifício. Em Portugal "sofrer para bonita ser".
October 15, 2021
Na Rússia eles dizem/nós dizemos que a beleza exige sacrifício.
Heyo! Your text is pretty well-written. Congrats! 👏 However, when you say "eles" you are not being specific on whom you're talking about. It's still understandable haha. and that's so interesting, how's that? I'll be here if you need any help with Portuguese. Best regards!
February 9, 2022
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