Recurring Lesson Introduction We’ve updated how you can book lessons on italki and added a way to schedule your lessons. It’s called recurring lessons. Recurring lessons help make booking more efficient for students who want to take lessons on a regular schedule for 4 to 16 weeks. Compared to manually booking lessons week by week, recurring lessons make cultivating a long-term habit easier and help you stay on track with your language learning goals! If you want to book recurring lessons, you can select “Recurring” under the schedule method and then “Custom amount” under quantity, then you’ll be able to set when you’d like to have your lesson and for how long. Currently, this change is only available on the web version of italki for a random selection of students, so we can gather some feedback before it becomes available for everybody. If you’re a teacher, pay attention to your incoming requests. You may start receiving package requests different from 5,10, or 20 lessons. Thanks to our new scheduling methods, students can book the exact number of lessons they want. Therefore any amount of lessons greater than 1 will be considered a package. Discounts for lesson packages are determined by teachers. Depending on a teacher’s package discount settings, recurring lessons may receive a discount once the teacher’s lesson threshold has been reached. We’ve put some example images at the bottom for your reference: We’ve created a Poll so we can see what you think about these changes! But, we’d love to hear what you think about recurring lessons in the comments section. Every voice matters and helps us create a better learning experience.
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Jan 12, 2022 7:36 AM
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I think it's a good idea because many students want to have their weekly schedules fixed, others not though. But I would really love to see teachers have the option to make 5, 10 OR 20 lesson packages available for each lesson duration so that we can implement a tier-discount system, ex. 10% for 5 lessons, 15% for 10 lessons and 20% for 20 lessons. That way students choose the option that works best for them. Some students want to book larger packages for the larger discounts, but others can't afford such a big expenditure at once and prefer purchasing smaller packages more often. So it'll be great if we could provide our students with the choice, and in my opinion, it would work great with these "recurring lessons" as the discount would be applied according to our various package settings in tiers, and not just uniformly after they've reached the single package threshold. Just makes sense that the more they buy, the more discount they'd get.
January 12, 2022
The option to offer 5, 10 and 20 packages would be greatly helpful. Another issue is the scheduling - being able to schedule lessons at 10 minute intervals would greatly increase my revenue as I have to have a few minutes between lessons. 5 minutes isn't enough but if I could schedule students at 10 past and then 20 past for the following hour and so on, I could do many, many more hours. I have heard similar things from other teachers.
January 12, 2022
I love the idea of custom package requests by students; however, it is somewhat concerning to have the lesson requests at a set time. While this is convenient and excellent for building habit, it may backfire should the student or teacher's schedule be variable. I would love to see the custom package option in force but without the restriction of set times.
January 12, 2022
A lot of my students want the same recurring time anyway. I think it makes it more convenient during the booking process for those students. And I love that you honor the package discounts based on the number of lessons selected. That way they are still motivated to buy more lessons at once which is great for teachers as well. It's perfect! Since I'm giving feedback anyway: The way teachers set their availability is a huge pain for me! I would so much prefer to be able to check or uncheck slots on a planner that has a 24 hour grid viewable. The way it is now (available from - till, "add new time slot" --> available from till) leads to a lot of errors and is so much work! Also that you cannot say 'this is when I'm gonna be available on Fridays starting next week going forward' but instead that the current Friday gets automatically changed through the "apply to all Fridays" option isn't helpful at all. I really appreciate all you do though! Great job!
January 12, 2022
I think teachers should decide if they want to offer recurring lessons or not. Personally, I can't guarantee any student that I will be available on a specific date next month because I don't know yet what I might be doing that day. Furthermore, I've seen that in other teaching platforms with this option automatic booking becomes a problem. When a student books several lessons in advance it is more likely that he wouldn't be able to attend them all, or even forgets about that lesson scheduled one month ago. I've seen cases where a student activates some kind of automatic booking, and he doesn't even knows how to deactivate it. It also might promote booking lessons which will be cancelled later. Therefore, the teacher spends time with a spot booked, and lessons can be cancelled just a couple of days earlier, when it's complicated to find another student in order to fill that spot.
January 13, 2022
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