Claire Hon
Definitely yes. Technologies like computer and smartphone is connecting human to human in the worldwide. Just like me, i was born in a village , I’m not in city area. When we school, we will like to know every culture,traditional custome, and the geography class is make a curiosity of every country their habit and festival. When I’m young I like to know Japan culture, speaking in Japanese , I watch korean drama I like to learn korean language so I went book shop buying language book but this method is not efficiency . Nowadays computer and smartphone is so common item to everyone, we will use the technologies which is a convenient method of learning. We wish we can be connect with this world and explore more potential of my language talent. I think I can list down 10 language I like to learn
Jun 7, 2022 10:39 AM
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Definitely yes. Technology such as the computer and the smartphone is connecting people worldwide. I was born in a village, not in a city. When we go to school, we want to learn about different cultures,traditional customs and geography classes teach us about a country's habits and festivals. When I was young I liked to learn about Japanese culture and speaking in Japanese. I also watched Korean drama and I liked to learn the Korean language so I went to book shops to buy language books, but this is not the most efficienct way/method to learn languages . Nowadays computers and smartphones are such everyday items that we use as a convenient method of learning. I wish to be more connected with this world and explore the potential of my language talents. I think I can list 10 languages that I would like to learn.
Well written Claire Hon. There are many things I can teach you to develop your writing such as using articles and tenses. Also how to write longer sentences. Why don't you take a free level test with me? Please check out my profile and book a lesson.
June 7, 2022
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