Apart from “Trick or Treat” what else will people in your country do to celebrate Halloween? In China, Halloween has been a stunt for commercials more than just a festival, though it’s from the west not a Chinese indigenous one. We don’t really do something for celebration, but almost everyone can feel the atmosphere of the festival. 在万圣节,除了“不给就捣蛋”,你们国家的人还会怎么庆祝? 在中国,万圣节不是一个节日那么简单,而变成了一个商业的噱头(stunt),尽管这是个西方节日,不是中国本土的节日。 我们其实并不会刻意过这个节,但是几乎每个人都能感受到节日气氛。
Nov 23, 2021 6:25 AM