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Do you know how to stop thinking about something? Our brain will be ready  to abandon the thoughts, when you write or spell it. But I like that everething what I do will be more effective. That is why, I do it in foreign languages :-) this practice I like use also as psyhological method for helping myself. For example if you have theme about it you difficult to talk, in the begining you can write it. It allows us to drain off excess emotion, consider every things that disturb. With big problems I do it several times. First time I spell it. Second times I write it. After that if I need helping from psychologist, I already talk about it.
Feb 15, 2021 8:19 AM
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Do you know how to stop thinking about something? It’s easier for our brains to stop concentrating on certain thoughts after writing them down. I feel that, after writing things down, I become more effective. This is why I do it in foreign languages. I like using this technique to express my thoughts. For example, if there is a certain subject that is difficult for you to talk about, it may help for you to write your thoughts down. It allows us to drain off excess emotion and think about things that disturb us. When I have big problems, I do it several times. First, I spell it out. Second, I write it. After that, if I need help from a psychologist, I am prepared since I have already thought about my problems.
I hope I have accurately expressed what you are trying to say.
February 16, 2021
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