Moe Aye Aye Myint
As a matter of fact, it changed my life a lot. At first, I really hated being cooped up at home and having to wear masks if I have to go out. I am a high school graduate and I'm supposed to be a university student right now. So, my educational path is a little obstructed by Covid 19. Apart from the negative points, it also have its perks, too, at least for me. During all the free time, I get to learn all the things I want. I think I've made a tremendous progress in my English skills and that is a really satisfactory achievement I gained during these lockdowns. So, I would say Covid-19 is a kind of blessing in disguise for me. It has changed my life in both ways: good and bad. Considering that my life will get back on track and everything will be back to normal, I'd like to say the good things about Covid-19 outweighs the bad things about it.
Feb 15, 2021 11:53 AM