Abdul sami
I want to know and read British English
Dec 23, 2020 5:31 PM
Answers · 3
Hello there how are you? 😊I'm fluent in English, Russian, Turkish and my native language Azerbaijani. If you are interested then let's talk. I'm 27 years old female and I have been a teacher for 6 years. I'll help you to learn English more easily and as well as making sure to improve your hearing, speaking, writing and reading abilities. I'll also give you English vocabulary so you can have English word base, which is very important. I'm a paid tutor(8$(or your own country's currency) for an hour) if you are interested then call or text me at this number +9940516686015. I'm professional so if you aren't interested then please don't bother me 😘
December 27, 2020
Assalamu alaikum Would you like to Enrich your English with me Brother?
December 23, 2020
How can we help?
December 23, 2020
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