Day 1. Greeting. Hello everyone, my name's Maria. I'm from Russia, but now I work and live in China. I want to improve my English skills, so I'm here. Last two months I had another challenge here, now I decided to maintain my goal and I believe I can do it. I just do it. Probably some of us have afreid like me,but you know, you'd be relaxing and enjoying the moment, I know it's easier to say than done, but I also work above this. We need to do something in English every single day and it's definitely help to achieve our dream or goal. Nevertheless, 1. I want to study a few new words every day. I can share with you my results ( of course if someone has interest) 2. To read a little time ,not less than 10 minutes. 3. To listen to some English podcast and something in English. 4. To Have English conversation on italki. What are you going to do ? How you maintain your vocabulary? What are you going to do that achive your goal?
Dec 1, 2020 2:22 PM
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Hi. I'm a native English speaker (since I grew up in the US). Feel free to send a message if you're looking for any help.
December 31, 2020