Day 4/31 #moreфон2020 And today I’ll write not about theme of the marathon again😅 My 📱 offers me selections of photos every day, and I still don’t understand the algorithm: it’s complete chaos (like all my life🤪) But today it decided to remind me of a business trip to Chelyabinsk last autumn. I especially remember it because we were able to admire the amazing nature of the Urals. It’s really incredible😍 I don’t like Chelyabinsk at all, but I’m ready to admire its nature every time, when I’m here (I’m so glad that my boss is not my follower and won’t see this post😅). And there was also an important point: on this business trip I was not alone, but with colleagues☺️ To my great regret, Kat is not a part of our team now💔 And to my opinion, it was a huge loss for our company. And that’s why it became especially warm at heart when the phone reminded of this particular photo🙃 We had fun, especially in a hotel in Chelyabinsk😹😹😹 It will never be possible to forget as we tried🤣 One thing pleases: Kat found a job to her liking. Where she is respected and appreciated by her work. I’m glad, sincerely❤️ I miss you, fairy 🧚🏻 socks @katedeys ❤️ #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki
Dec 4, 2020 6:34 PM
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December 4, 2020