Day 6 #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki You know, when I joined this moreфон and chose to talk about the most amazing things in the world, I didn’t know all of these things. And I don’t know them now either. But I like it, because when I start thinking about them, every day from the 1st December, I come up with something particular and sincere. Today I want to share my thoughts of a vague feeling inside me… Well, everyone has problems. Many people have to overcome lots of obstacles that might be easy or hard, but these difficulties irritate people anyway. I admire people who can enjoy life despite their problems; the world is crazy, but they afford to accept something beautiful and great. They can disappear from their problems for a while and read a book, watch a movie, or have a good conversation with someone. This type of people doesn’t allow evil to force them to forget about the positive sides of the world. Seriously, let’s look at it more carefully. A person has many problems; maybe they will never solve them, but what will change if they forget about them for one hour? Nothing. The problems won’t disappear, but the person will get a little good emotion. Why not? I’m sure that this is a skill that can be acquired. And maybe this skill is the most essential. But I don’t know how to call this skill or trait. I guess it’s “optimism”? No, I don’t like this word, and I feel that it doesn’t represent my understanding of it. I suppose it’s something deeper. Anyway Do you keep the fire burning inside of you? P.S. How come you can define or describe this amazing thing? 😊
Dec 6, 2020 3:41 PM
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Well, if you can't solve the problem, than nothing to worry about, just accept it...and ...I deal with such feelings ...just saying "f**** it'" to myself. Or just go to friends and drink alcohol:)
December 6, 2020