Day 5 — December, 5th Yesterday I didn't have time to make a post, because I was busy with my homework for the #seospecialist course from Skillbox. I bought it back in the middle of October last year, when I won a 5,000-ruble discount on Literary Mozgva, and since then I haven't finished it yet. I've been interrupting it because of either a #personaleffectiveness program given on my birthday, or a course of my main job profile organized by my employer, or courses recommended for a professional competition at my work, which I still had to quit later due to a double set-up from both business representatives and my management, or a free month of access to EFCorporate's site, or some of smaller reasons. Support by the official partners of this course, Ingate, ends on March, 21st. Place your bets, will I make it before this #deadline? #moreфон_italki #slowpoke #сеоспециалист #личнаяэффективность #дедлайн #слоупок #долгозапрягаю
Dec 6, 2020 7:12 PM