Title: Debating about Smoking In 2021, the New Zealand government made a very strong law against cigarettes. Basically, it bans young people from smoking even when they grow up. The government doing this by raising New Zealand's legal age for smoking, which is 18. In 2027, it will raise this age restriction to 19. Then, the legal smoking age will be increased by one year every year. So, it will be 20 in 2028, 21 in 2029, and so on. Fifty years from now, New Zealanders will have to be 64 years old to buy cigarettes. Because of this new law, teenagers who are currently 13 or younger will never become smokers. For them, the legal smoking age will always be higher than their age. "We want to make sure that young people never start smoking," said the health minister of New Zealand. She said the country's goal was to become completely smoke-free in the future. Some people think this new law is a terrific idea. They say that it will help to decrease the number of cancer cases in the nation. Others, however, criticize the law for being too strict. Also, they argue that more cigarettes will be bought and sold illegally. Did you enjoy 'New Zealand's anti-smoking law' that I found on a magazine? Are you ready for a quick question? 1. Do you think New Zealand is doing the right thing? Why or why not? 2. Do you think your country should make a similar law? Why or why not? P. S. Please make sure to answer my questions when you correct me!!!
Feb 16, 2022 10:53 PM