Don Xavier
once upon a time there was one scientist visited the tribal place of South Africa. And he proposed game for the children's the game was 100 mete race. but he was keep one box of sweet at finshing point.and he said to, who finish first in race he can take the sweets. then he start the countdown. but the children's are holding their hands and strating the race then after finsing the race they took the sweet and equally devied. scientist asked why you're do this? they said ubenta ubenta is an african word it means (i am because we are.,)please check and correct my story 🙏
Feb 19, 2022 7:29 AM
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Once upon a time, a scientist visited a tribal area of South Africa. He proposed game for children, which was a 100 metre race. He kept a box of sweets at the finishing point, and told the children that whoever came first in the race could take the sweets. Then he started the countdown. However, the children held hands when they started the race and then, after finishing the race, they took the sweets and divided them equally between them. The scientist asked, "Why are you doing this?" and the children said, "Ubenta". Ubenta is an african word that means 'i am because we are'. Please check and correct my story 🙏
That's a lovely story! Well done 🙂
February 19, 2022
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