in my university when a doctor give us a quest the first website come through my mind its Slidego it is has a lot of templates for Powerpoint, Word, and some programes i can’t remember it. secondly i learned how can i typing in the keyboard without looking to it, so i love challenging people in website its name is Typerace its allow me that i challenge with 4 people at the same time overthe internet. after the race, the website calculate how many word you write it per minutes. my highest score is 40 WPM. finally and truthly my best website when i was a young is Flashgames:) most of my time gone with this site,but i was so happy with it and iam enjoy with every time i got this site. in conclusion i will improve my chooses for sites🤣 due i unfortunately regreted for my lost time,but about my childhood i don’t regreted it. i hope u see my modest paragraphs and edit my mistakes.
Feb 20, 2022 8:59 PM