Hello everyone, my name is elizabeth, 22 yo. I live in Indonesia, an archipelago country located on the equator. There are lots of bahasa Indonesian accents and mine is a lil bit mixed with one of our local language, sundanese. However, i live in next to the capital city of Indonesia all my life and just spend four years of them at Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia) for studying. I have just graduated from uni last month. (So happy hahahaha) I think my Bahasa Indonesia is good for a 22 yo woman(?). I comprehend most of the PUEBI or KBBI guidelines. I am looking for places to use my english. If there is anyone of you want to learn to speak a formal or casual Bahasa Indonesia, i am here to support !! 🤣🤛 I am quite interested with topics arround business, travels, animals and plants, food, or health. We can talk about almost everything from memes to wisdom. See you 😊 sending my luvvs to u all
Sep 1, 2020 7:39 PM
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hiii!!! i can help and would love to learn indonesian!!
September 2, 2020
Sure! Nice to meet you. Hahaha. I am new to this app, where should i contact you, Olivia?
September 2, 2020
Hi Elizabeth, I'm looking to learn indonesian through this app, but I also want to leant sundanese - and there are no teachers for it on here 🙁 I'm an absolute beginner but id be happy to chat and learn and teach more English!
November 19, 2020
hi , i am from Indonesia.. I'd like to talk with you english or indonesia :)
September 2, 2020