Hi my name is Akarawin Chaiwannasut and my nickname is moji I will come to our story from the past. It was a pleasure for me to visit my first overseas trip to Australia and it was my first experience on boarding a plane when I arrived in Australia. I met aunt and my foreign aunt's children, and my aunt's children were having fun playing together, my aunt's house in Australia was in Ichuca, and my aunt's house opened a restaurant and cafe. Opened the Goff Field When I was at my aunt's house, I went to help my aunt serve food and collect the children. It was a very fun job and I enjoyed doing this job in the temple. I traveled to places such as taking him to the camp, taking him to the zoo, and my aunt's girlfriend often took me fishing, I had a lot of fun going there. Aunt's old man in a small town in Melbourne was a big country house with a backyard and a variety of apple trees, and when he arrived he saw many children in the city riding. Scooter went to school happily, it was a dream for my children who wanted to go to this school as well.about a month, I had to go back to Thailand. Before returning from Australia, my aunt took me to see kangaroos and koara at the zoo, and bought souvenirs for my family in Thailand, had pens and key chains, and met Thai people who were traveling there as well. Simultaneously I miss that place a lot, and if there is a chance, I want to go back to that place again.
Sep 2, 2020 1:16 AM