Story Writhing Part 1: On 20th January 2019 I was searching some people online to practice and improve my English. And yes, I found Laura there. I sent her a message and that was my first message to her but she didn’t response. On 26th January, after a year, I messaged her again. But I still don’t know despite of her ignorance my first message why I messaged her again. We were started to talk there and she was only my good friend who sometimes helping me with English. We often talked small-talk there. One day we started to talk about books and we were recommending some books there. So, I asked Laura could she possibly tell me some stories from the book she read. And yes, she wrote me some stories in a brief. And I loved to read. She wasn’t only my friend there I was thinking like her an important. I started to check online every day was she online or not, did she reply my message or not. But I still thought her as a good friend; probably she didn’t think me like that. On December 1, 2020, I messaged Laura after a week. And she replied me it “Hi I am good I have good news I'm in Bangladesh now” I was totally shocked and happy to listen it. And I was curious to know how long has she been in Bangladesh and why didn't she tell me before? And also ask to her gave me her number. And then she said: “I got here on Sunday Sorry I didn't tell you. I didn't know if my trip would work out due to COVID :( Yes I have a phone number. Can you give me yours?” So, I gave my number. But I didn’t get any messages from her for a week. Then I was thinking that it was a joke and if she was in Bangladesh then she would message me or call me on my phone. She didn’t do anything.
Mar 3, 2021 4:36 AM
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