Aaron Zhang
As the fast development of the Internet technology,the skill about learning by Internet is become a heat debeat now.Many people are arguing about the effect of online learning,some people think it's improve the learning ability of students while the other people think it's useless. For the first type of people,One of essential reason they hold the view is the Internet actually break the limit of time and space,and many digital resource of high quality learning material can find by Internet easily.It's a huge decline of learner's cost.Besides,some people have professional skill learned from Internet even better than formal educated people. However,In others people's view,not all kind of subject are suitable for online learning,the better way of learning sketching is still to sign up a drawing school.What's more,many people aren't have strong ambition and spirit to get things done without their teacher urging,they finally end learning and turn to computer games. In my opinion,the online learning is useful is depend on the user,I 'm a beneficiary of the Internet and I can't learn my English better without it.I think whatever things you learn can't without strong willpower and ambition instead of the way you get educated.Besides,Online learning is just a new tech come out a few years ago.and there are more and more professor in the education field are exploring the more effcient education plan of online learning.So I believe that the online learning will have a better future.
Sep 25, 2020 12:21 PM
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I'm newcomer to find a community about essay practice,I dont know which forum to post my essay for paraphrase since the computer version of Italki can't use. This is a article about whether The internet is useful and show you opinion,and I'm looking guys can give better expression and I can't appreciate more^ ^
September 25, 2020