Day 7/30 Friends. Friend, who is that? Is it a real person or someone in our mind? How is he/she should be? How many friends we can really have? There are questions which I often think... Unfortunately I don't have really close friend at the moment. And I really worry about that 😔 nevertheles I had close friend when I studied at college. We were best friend! We did all together, we visited each other and shared our thoughts, we walked and rented one room.( We shared one room)... But suddenly our friendship broken, and I can say it was difficult time for me.. when you have close friend you gave him/her part of your soul, part of yourself and after that (when your friendship broken) you didn't understand how you need to life, how you should talk with other people, how trust people again?!... After that I didn't have friend.. however I really dream about person who can be my close friend, with whom I can share my thoughts, my good and bad events. Whom I can believe and trust with, tell me is it possible in our century? If you have somebody like this you definitely have to maintain your communication. P.S. What do you think about relationships between friends? Do you think a friendship is change nowdays?
Dec 7, 2020 2:00 PM
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I think that friendship, like other relationships, is built two people and they need it. And when one person only tries, and other don't tries, it is a sadly. Any relationship is work) The reward is love. I hope you will find your friend🤗
December 7, 2020