25/365 To be honest, I hardly ever play video games in my daily life nowadays. I don't want to spend too much time on it because it's not easy for me to get rid of the attraction of video games. I'd rather read news or do some exercises. However, my 7-year-old son is really obsessed with video games. Due to the lockdown restrictions, he has been having remote learning at home for a long time. So he has a lot of chances to use a laptop or an ipad to kill time. In particular, he is deeply attracted by a video game called Plants vs Zombies. I know it's not realistic to forbid him to play it completely, so I have made an agreement with him. He will be able to play the game for half an hour once a week as long as he can finish all his homework by every Friday. It's a win-win solution for both of us. He is very happy to accept it. He always says Friday is his most favourite day. What a naive boy!
Sep 29, 2021 11:49 AM