Anto Ci
Today I cooked pasta with tomato sauce. It’s a simple dish to do. Just a saucepan filled with the water in order to boil, afterwards you take care of the sauce. That you grab another saucepan pouring the chopped onion and oil, and place it on the cooker, for around 2 minutes in order to roast them. The You open the can of tomato sauce with can opener, or just unscrew, pull off the cap/top. And pour the sauce inside the saucepan with onion and add the salt. When the water boils, insert the spaghetti (usually with a cooking time of around 10 minutes) and meanwhile the sauce cooks. After 10 minutes, the pasta is cooked, and pour it in the colander to remove the water and afterwards you pour it in the pan with sauce and mix/blend them. You can add basil and Parmesan cheese, if you desire. Then you can pour on a plate and the pasta spaghetti is ready and served
Sep 29, 2021 2:22 PM