Rashmi Senarathne
End of another month. Today, 30th of October is one of my friends birthday. I couldn't wish her because I don't know where is she living and I don't have way to contact her now. Before 5years ago she went abroad and we kept in touch for a while, but after few months I missed her. I think it's nearly 4 years I haven't seen her. Today began with a rain and it has being continued till around 4pm. Today my History teacher didn't do our class because she is not well these days.Also I missed my history class yesterday and it's going to do tomorrow or may be on Saturday. Today I'm writing my post earlier than usual. Because At night I'm going to join for a class.Now I'm free but at 5.45pm I have to join for my daily conversation with my friend. There we have finished talking more than 50 topics. Also we finished the chapter 5 of the story book. Now we have some questions on chapter 5th and after we discuss it we can move to the chapter 6th. It's getting near to our class. I'm still sitting on a chair and writing this. Today I got a complicated question on the lesson Trigonometry. I tried to solve it. However I want to know if it's correct or not that the answer I got and method I've used.I think it's enough for today and if I have another thing to write I think I can write it after my class.
Sep 30, 2021 11:54 AM