My music taste is very specific. Some people say that the artists I tend to listen to look really odd and sometimes provocative. My favourite genres are avantpop and hyperpop. I adore listening to Arca, Charli XCX, SOPHIE, the team of PC Music and etc. My “beloved” artist is Arca right now. She frequently collaborates with many huge pop stars of the past (such as Björk) and creates something supremely futuristic. My favourite songs by Arca at the moment are “La Chiquí (feat. SOPHIE)”, “Watch”, “Mequetrefe” and “Desafío”. Arca tries to encompass the pure futurism, creates glitchy, unconventional and slippery sounds. They can make you feel thrilled, excited, scared and amazed at the same time. The variety of sounds is huge, sometimes it goes beyond the time we live in. The dystopian electronic world Arca wants to reflect is filled up with sorrows, screams, the beauty of the militaristic world that awaits us in the future. For some reason when you listen to Arca you start to pounder about the things you have never ruminated before. Is our future dark? Will robots conquer the Earth? Will we survive? These questions stay unanswered until you listen to Arca. And, surprisingly, there is nothing jovial. The seeming utopia will crumble and Arca precisely know why. Fierce, brave, philosophical lyrics tell us that the future will not be glimmering and bright. Future is rather grey and muddy (just look at the cover of her “Kick i”), it is full of militarism, robots, clamor, cracking noises and screams. But at the same time Arca gives us the hope that our existence is not purposeless. Sometimes you feel that even the worst scenario you have ever imagined may turn into something good and pleasant. To sum up I would like to say that avantpop is the best music genre I have ever discovered. The pure and naked truth about the future of all of us is transmitted via odd sounds and abstract lyrics that may seem scary and weird for those who have never met this genre before.
Oct 6, 2021 3:38 PM