Please correct as simplistically as possible - my Chinese is not advanced! 😄 感谢你们! 你好!你怎么样?最近我身体不好!我毒感了。😒 所以我觉得很累。最近你是不是很忙?我每天都太忙啊!但是,圣诞节我要休息。😊 你的地方的天气怎么样?最近在Sussex省天空常常灰色的。还有一点冷。 今年你旅游了吗?我不能外国旅行,但是我在英格兰还有苏格兰旅游。 好,我要去做午饭。我要做米粥,帮我的感冒。 Hello! How are you? I've not been well recently. I caught a virus. 😒 So I feel very tired. Have you been busy lately? I'm so busy every day! But at Christmas I can rest. 😊 How is the weather where you are? Recently the sky in Sussex is often grey. It's also a bit cold. Did you go on holiday this year? I wasn't able to travel abroad, but I took a trip in England, and also in Scotland. Ok, I need to go and make lunch now. I'll make congee, to help with my cold.
Nov 10, 2021 1:02 PM
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()修改 【】理由 你好!你怎么样?最近我身体不好!我(感冒)【没有毒感这个词】了。😒 所以我觉得很累。最近你是不是很忙?我每天都(好忙啊)!但是,圣诞节我要休息。😊 你的地方的天气怎么样?最近在Sussex省天空常常(是)灰色的。还有一点冷。 今年你旅游了吗?我不能(去)【动词】外国旅行,但是我在英格兰还有苏格兰旅游。 好,我要去做午饭(了)【口语化】。(因为我的感冒,我要做米粥)【关联词】。 加油😊
November 10, 2021
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