Why the recording is different? because there was religion conflict in the book at that time. The christian did not like other religion and they did something cruel to these people who were Presbyterian. they harmed the whole family of the woman when she was young. And the priest of christ even wanted to force her to marry a rapist and when she found her true love Tom, Tom’s mom did not agree with this marriage and then the priest and Tom forced the woman to live alone for many years. And after that, the priest came to this woman, and said that the marriage between she and Tom was null. and she found Tom found another woman as wife.(terrible thing there) Then she got pregnant with another man, but that man was soldier who needed to join in the army. So she gave birth to a boy alone in a broken church ⛪️ but unfortunately, she couldn’t find her babe in the next day morning. Someone took her baby away. And sent her to hospital and sentenced her in metal hospital forever. so she had kept thinking about her kid for more than 60 years and misjudged by other people and lived in the hospital alone for the whole life. I thought it was so crucial to a woman.
Nov 11, 2021 1:45 PM
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