Melissa Tamura
Hi guys! It's been a long time since I had to practice or write something in english and now I have to write it in portuguese and than translate the abstract to english for a very important work form college and I need some help with this. I've alredy translate it to english but I think it need lots of corrections and I'll be glad if someone can give me some tips! Here it is: With the development of cities and the constant changes in the context of urban space over time, we observed that some phenomena that are common to metropolitan spaces, such as socio-spatial fragmentation, installation of large commercial surfaces and also real estate projects for a certain class social, which influence the way of consuming urban space and also of goods and services by city dwellers, have now become important issues to be discussed in the context of the city of Três Lagoas - MS, as a non-metropolitan space, from the moment in which some gradual changes are noticeable in the consumption dynamics of city dwellers, allied to the analysis of the concepts of center and centrality, which for us are important concepts to understand the role played by the traditional center of the studied city today. Thus, and to understand the spatial dynamics and practices of urban dwellers in relation to how the process of socio-spatial fragmentation is expressed, we used, in addition to the literature review, the resource of interviews with semi-structured scripts (KAPP, 2020), in which we interviewed residents of spaces opposites in the city, of Housing Complexes and of a closed residential space, from which we analyzed and were able to perceive how distinct the ways in which they reveal their practices and the dynamics of displacement through the city are.
Nov 17, 2021 8:04 PM
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Hi Melissa, I can help you in more detail in a class, but from the brief run through I gave it it seems to have no significant errors. In a class, we can work on making it better and more succinct. All the best! :)
November 19, 2021
And continue: The socio-spatial fragmentation shows us that not all people enjoy the same spaces that exist in the city, and this is a process that involves, above all, the process of socio-spatial segregation articulated with new spatial practices that reveal the segmentation of urban space consumption (DAL POZZO , 2015, p. 283). From this, we could observe in the speeches of our interviewees that there are other factors besides the physical distances that make them stop going to certain establishments in the city and one that became evident is related to the forms of payment, which, depending on the flexibility, make a place more distant than others, subjectively. Hope someone can help me!
November 17, 2021
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