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我的最好朋友叫Mind。 我们都是学校的同学。我们都认识大概二十年了。她也住在曼谷。每个星期我们都喜欢一起去商店买东西。
Jun 16, 2021 7:37 AM
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June 17, 2021
我最好的朋友叫Mind。 我们是同一所学校的同学。我们已经认识大概二十年了。她也住在曼谷。我们都喜欢每个星期一起去商店买东西。
June 16, 2021
June 16, 2021
我的最好朋友叫Mind。 我们是同学。我们已经认识大概二十年了。她也住在曼谷。每星期我们都喜欢一起去商店买东西。
Have you noticed the difference uses of 都? 1.都 can mean both/all(i.e. 我们都喜欢狗). 2. 都 can indicate that you perceive something as a long time(i.e. 你都睡了一圈了,怎么还不起床?Note: 一圈 refers to the clock which has completed a cercle, or 12 hours. Perhaps you were trying to use this meaning of 都 in 我们都已经认识大概二十年了, it's a really nice try, but to a native ear, it seems like you are going to impress someone or mention something that shouldn't have happened after 20 years of acquaintance.). 3 都 can indicate consistency and regularity(每个星期我们都喜欢一起去商店买东西 is a perfect use of this meaning of 都, well done!).
June 16, 2021
我最好的朋友叫Mind。 我们是同一所学校的同学。我们都认识大概二十年了。她也住在曼谷。每个星期我们都喜欢一起去商店买东西。
June 16, 2021
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