Rashmi Senarathne
Yesterday our History ma'am sent us a message saying that she's gonna do a class at 5a.m tomorrow morning. As I had joined my maths class I planned to cancel the history class for today. By the way yesterday I've being woken up til 3a.m and did half of my science homework. Then I felt sleepy. So I've decided to put on alarm to wake up at 5a.m for the maths class. However I did not get up until my mother came and called me. When she called me It's already 7a.m. I was shoked. Then I check what happened. Mm I haven't done volumes up. I felt worse. Then quickly I went our group and I saw the message of history ma'am saying that due to the few participants today is not gonna do tge class. But I worried about my maths class. When I checked our maths group teacher has put a message that he've gotten an error. Haha at last I've had a beauty sleep. After all of these I have joined my school classes.It began at 7.30a.m and continued to 2p.m. Today our maths teacher did an extra class because he missed the morning class. Ah our Sinhal teacher didn't do her class. She suffering fever. I postponed a one of my classes to Sunday.By the way, it's better to check my alarms again. Haha my alarms are not limited to one or two. I don't whether you can get it. As an example think I've to wake up at 5a.m. So I put my alarms on 4.30, 4.35, 4.38.... like that til 5.05a.m. Actually it's a headache at the morning, because it's hear the alarm sound minute by minute til I off.
Jun 16, 2021 5:08 PM