I went back to my job after maternity leave and my senior nurse asked me: "Have you yet got vaccine against coronavirus?". I answered: "No, I have not". I was not going to do this vaccine. There are two main reasons: 1. People which were ill coronavirus contaminated it second and third time, despite on a high antibodies. 2. Passed a little time after created vaccine and may be not all side effects known. There were insufficient vaccine in hospital. It appeared then disappeared. One week ago I commuted to my home from job and was hungry. I attended my favorite restaurant "Teremok", but could not to make offer, because they service only with QR cod. I made an appointment to therapist in order to get access to vaccinate on first November so I had a working shift on this date. In appointed time i came to the doctor and she said: "You was not need to visit me." "You should go to epidemilogist, chouse vaccine and go to procedure room at one o clock". I got ingection Sputnic V. It was painfully. The nurse did not explain when i must do revaccination. I went up to my department and senior nurse came in 15 minutes and brought a notification all staff who did not passed vaccinate. There was saying if the employee will not be vaccinate till 15 November according the law he/she will be suspend from job without keep salary. I think it is very silly to enforce employee to vaccinate despite person had been ill coronavirus ans has personal antibodies more higher than people after vaccinated. The Ministry of Health don not care about it.
Nov 7, 2021 2:53 PM
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