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my missing for seaside city

There's a saying goes like that only when you miss something can you realize how precious they are.Now I have a little the same feeling as it.When I was a junior high school student,l wanted to attend to a well known university and went far away from my small seaside city, Zhu Hai in Guangdong province. Because I felt it was an exciting thing for me which could let me visit all kinds of different things by went to strange but big and booming city for me.But after I living and studying here for 3 years,I began to miss my small seside city Zhuhai.I miss its small, quiet and the home feeling. Maybe I began to miss my family and my hometown, Zhu Hai.

Nov 16, 2015 4:51 AM
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If I make a mistake on the English writing, please tell me.Thank you for everyone's comment.

November 16, 2015